Aktueller UNEP-Bericht belegt nur geringen Einfluss durch Covid-19 auf die Reduktion der Treibhausgase

Despite a dip in greenhouse gas emissions from the COVID-19 economic slowdown, the world is still heading for a catastrophic temperature rise above 3°C this century – far beyond the goals of the Paris Agreement. But UNEP’s Emissions Gap Report 2020 signals hope in a green pandemic recovery and growing commitments to net-zero emissions.
For over a decade, the report has provided a yearly review of the difference between where greenhouse emissions are predicted to be in 2030 and where they should be.
In a video message on the launch of this year’s report, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres outlines how a net-zero emissions future can protect people and the planet. Interested in knowing more? UNEP’s Ask a Scientist session answers your most-searched questions about climate change.

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